Company Profile

Aris Blok Mechanical Industries was founded in 1985 as a supplier specializing in industrial products and services. The company developed from a supplier of mechanical parts into a supply company for the entire supply chain and gradually gained a stable and regular customer base. Pursuing a focused acquisitions strategy, the company continued to grow and developed into a valued partner in various market sectors.

After the acquisition of Dietvorst Machine Fabriek (1997), Woodward Production Hoofddorp (2000), Machinefabriek Egmond & van der Schee (2001), NMA (2008), Stork Food & Dairy Systems (2008), Kramer & Duijvis (2011) and Leves Metaal (2015), Blok Group developed into a major player on the global market.

In 2005, after 20 years of entrepreneurship, Aris Blok passed the operating companies over to Erik Blok.