ISO 9001

The NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 is the internationally accepted standard for quality management. With the ISO 9001 certificate you show that you meet the requirements and wishes of your customers and stakeholders, that you comply with applicable laws and regulations, that you use risk management to respond to opportunities and threats and that continuous improvement is guaranteed in the organization.

At Blok Group, the ISO 9001 quality system has been set up in such a way that it pays attention to the entire process of translating customer requirements (input) to the delivered product or service.

At Blok Group the focus is on World Class Manufacturing, focusing on the three quality areas:
1. Standardize
2. Education and culture
3. Continuous improvement

Each year the strategy is translated into objectives that contribute to the realization of the mission, vision and strategy and the purpose of which is to achieve them that year. The objectives have been translated into KPIs that are continuously monitored and are explained and discussed on a weekly basis. With this we can guarantee our customers that we stand for the quality they want.

Kopie ISO9001-2015 certificaat 2018