Quality Assurance

Quality awareness is firmly-rooted in the culture of Blok Group. All staff members receive regular training in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing principles and are kept up-to-date with the latest technology advances.

Blok Group also complies with the highest industry standard for aircraft building in Europe and the U.S. As one of the first supply companies in the Netherlands, Blok Group has obtained AS 9100 C – certification from Lloyd’s Register Nederland BV. AS9100 is the industry-recognized standard of quality management for Aviation, Defence and Space organizations, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and reliability. Until now only multinationals have received such a high level of certification.

Now that Blok Group is AS 9100 C-certified, the door is open to obtain more orders from the aircraft industry.
Blok Group is committed to implement new quality procedures and to fine-tune existing ISO 9001 procedures to be able to meet the requirements. AS 9100 C certification also covers the ISO 9001 standard, but sets more stringent requirements.

The measuring room has been especially conditioned for conducting 3D measurements and checks with the highest precision.
It is a climate-controlled control room fitted with several measuring devices, including a Zeiss 3D measuring machine to measure objects with micrometre accuracy. Blok Group also has its own calibration department.



Source : Blok Group Channel