Blok Group is specialized in the fully automatic machining of critical production components. Client-specific mass-production takes place is two ultramodern machine engineering plants. Both the factories and the measuring rooms have been fully climatized. Blok Group offers its services to both local clients and multinationals.

Using mainly high-grade 5-axle CNC turning and milling machines (machinelist). Blok Group is well-equipped for the production and supply of ready-to-install components. This includes Supply Chain Management of raw materials, special processes and the delivery of complete compounds. The product range varies from small precision compounds to large structural units, always meeting the stringent requirements of the customers.

Blok Group delivers traceable, high-quality repeatable products, which makes it a reliable single source supplier. The production processes of Blok Group have been  AS 9100 C certified.

Blok Group Production frequently uses CNC techniques (Computer Numerical Control) with pre-programmed computers controlling the machining processes. The engineers of Blok Group have specialized in (pre-) programming and simulating the machine.
State-of-the-art CAD/CAM and CMM software is being used in production for reading and creating 3D CAD models, CNC and measuring programs. Machining is done in robotized production cells using the latest in advanced robot technology. This enables Blok Group to produce around the clock.

Blok Group mainly uses machines of the Japanese brand MAZAK.



Source : Blok Group Channel